FBN Ukraine 10th Anniversary and 2019 Family Business Awards

In 2019, the Family Owners Association of Ukraine (FBN Ukraine) initiated the contest named “Family Business Awards of the Year” in order to appoint and reward the best family business of the year and to promote the value of family business. The idea was supported by Deloitte Ukraine and IdeaFirst.

Participation in the contest is free. The winner will be the company that scores the most points among the nominees who have submitted their applications.

Contest mission:

-To develop the culture and values ​​of family business.

-To assist family companies in building of a long-term stability.

– To set the main criteria and rules for the development of family business (positive and negative impact on the success of family business), create opportunities for family companies` growth.

– To create a culture of continuity in family business.

– To promote the achievements of Ukrainian family companies.

The award ceremony was held on December 7, 2019 at the Fairmont Hotel in celebration of the 10th anniversary of FBN Ukraine.

LIGA Group, a business that has been running for a quarter of century by the Bondarenko family, got a reward “Harmonious Integration of the Next Generation in Family Business” from Ideas First.