NPF “Vzayemodopomoha” from “Liga Pension” has purchazed shares of Apple Inc. to the investment portfolio. For the first time in Ukraine, a non-state pension fund has invested in shares of a foreign company from S&P500 rating, paving the way for international investments for other NPFs.


Read about the new world order, the “fifth power”, digitalization and virtual states, as well as the threats and opportunities of the new digital reality in the column of the President of LIGA Group Sergiy Bondarenko on


2020 has been very difficult for business around the world. How the challenges of 2020 were overcome, which solutions helped not only to survive, but also to develop in the crisis – tell the top managers of the Companies of LIGA Group for special project on


Dmytro Bondarenko, General Director of Liga Group, – about the key factors for business in 2021, the interaction with the authorities and the ways out of the crisis.


In June 2020, SPEKTR Security Company joined the LIGA Group. Managing company LIGA group and managing company Sport Life group of companies became the founders of SPEKTR Security Company. The staff of the SPEKTR includes specialists with many years of experience in law enforcement, state security and financial investigations sectors.


The LIGA GROUP joined the Marathon of responsibility initiated by our friends and partners the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation. On June 19, employees of LIGA GROUP planted sunflower seeds in the park near LIGA business center, demonstrating that everyone’s responsibility can change the country.


The Center for Corporate Social Responsibility Development, jointly with LIGA Group, which in 2019 became one of its existing members, represents 10 most significant initiatives of Ukrainian companies in 2019, which we hope will inspire Ukrainian businessmen to start their country-changing projects.


Dmytro told that LIGA Group is focused on the main thing – to keep all the main processes, partners, human health, business sustainability and its ability to recover quickly from the crisis in order to save jobs for our employees. He is convinced that the state should help business immediately.


Dmytro Bondarenko, Managing Director of Liga Group gives several advice, the effectiveness of which has been proved by almost 30 years of LIGA Group’s experience.

Leadership Recipes from Top Managers

On November 8-9, the Kyiv International Economic Forum was held. has published the leadership recipes from the invited businessmen and senior executives.

LIGA Group releases Telegram Stick Packs

The LIGA Group now has its own set of stickers for working Telegram chats. They are designed specifically for office workers and PR professionals. The company is said to have tried to muster all the pain of these people’s working days.

LIGA Group took part in the Sports and Charity Event “Chestnut Run” for the fourth time

On the day of the celebration of the Day of Kyiv, May 26, the largest sports and charity event of Ukraine “Chestnut Run” took place.

“Chestnut Run” is another symbol of the association of Ukrainians for the common higher purpose. Life is the most precious treasure for which we have to co-operate and fight together! We believe that our contribution is a chance to save more than one little heart and fate of many Ukrainians, for which we “Build a country of our dream”!

Start of the Run and entertainment part took place on the Independence Square. According to preliminary data, more than 18 thousand participants, as well as a record number of corporate teams, that is more than 500, including a large team of LIGA Group, gathered in the centre of the capital city. This year there were five times more people than in the previous one. The total charitable contribution from the Companies that are part of  LIGA Group was UAH 29,600.

This event is the annual teambuilding of LIGA Group, which develops team spirit, motivates and unites all 13 companies into a single whole. More than 130 employees of LIGA Group overcame 5,000 meters of the distance through the central streets of Kyiv. The winner among our employees was the Head of ADLOVE Advertising Agency, which is part of Ligamedia media holding, Oleksii Kolomiiets, who passed 5 km for 21:56 minutes and was the first person to reach our tent.

The basis of our future is first of all a healthy nation. The shining eyes of children and the smiling faces of adults is our stimulus and a dream that inspires every employee and company of LIGA Group to move forward.

Vyshyvanka Day – more than 1000 employees in vyshyvanka

World Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May. Millions of Ukrainians around the world are united in a single idea and show that they have their own identity and national code. This day is worth remembering your national and civic stances, cultural enlightenment and spiritual consciousness.

Traditionally, on this day GC LIGA encourages all those who are interested to come to work in the most famous element of Ukrainian national clothes — vyshyvanka. Each year, more and more employees of the company collectively celebrate this wonderful, traditional holiday.

Vyshyvanka for Ukrainians is a powerful symbol of soul, beauty, love and well-being in the family, and Vyshyvanka Day symbolizes national unity. This is a special symbol of our Ukrainian soul, because in every ornament there are traces of the history of our country and people.

Discussion to help Boryslav

The event was conducted with the participation of co-founders of LLC Lamor Ukraine, Bruno Lete and Mykhailo Bondarenko; Deputy Director of LLC Lamor Ukraine, Nazar Burban; R&D Manager of Lamor Corporation AB, Markus Nystedt; Deputy Head of the Diplomatic Mission of Finland to Ukraine, Maria Agren; Mayor of Boryslav, Igor Yavorsky; People`s Deputy of Ukraine, Oleh Bereziuk; Member of the Executive Board, Executive Vice President for Upstream, Mavriky Kalugin; Executive Vice-President on Social and Ecological Development of PJSC Ukrnafta, Roman Iltio; Director of Western Business Department, Oleh Malchik; Head of EBA Western Department, Maryana Lutsyshyn; and the members of working group on ecological situation in Boryslav. Participants of the meeting have shared their opinions concerning the environmental situation in the city and the reasons of large-scale pollution. After the discussion, there was a site visit, which enabled the participants to observe oil leaks in the area, adjacent to the apartment №12, Chornovola street, and to see with their own eyes the negative effect of continuous oil production in Boryslav.

Trilateral Memorandum of Cooperation will be signed between the City Council of Boryslav, LLC Lamor Ukraine and PJSC Ukrnafta. Based on this document, the parties will further enter into an agreement on the conduct of works for the comprehensive assessment of environmental situation in the territory of Boryslav with recommendations and proposals concerning the organizational, ecological, industrial and technical, social measures, aimed at the reduction of industrial load and social tension, potential improvement of sanitary conditions of the inhabited area and finally, at the maintenance of sustainable development in the city.

Lamor Ukraine integrates the innovative system

Lamor Ukraine integrates the innovative system for the monitoring of pipelines and other linear facilities, using a standard fibre optic cable. The system connects directly to the fibre optic network of the pipeline operator (with the due availability and necessary distance from the pipe provided), turning the fibre into thousands of individual vibration sensors, with a high sensing capacity. That enables operators to detect any intrusions on the perimeter of the protected area near the pipeline, potential threats for the functioning of a pipeline (any linear facility) and to take prompt and reasonable decisions.

Employees from different companies of the GK fled “for the sake of little hearts

3 червня в центрі Києва пройшов 26-й «Пробіг під каштанами» – наймасовіше спортивно-благодійна акція країни. На старт вийшли понад 16 тисяч осіб і рекордну кількість корпоративних команд – близько 400. Для багатьох компаній ця подія стала невід’ємною частиною корпоративної культури. Команда ГК ЛІГА в цьому році також взяла участь у Пробігу. Нас було 38 чоловік, і наш благодійний внесок склав 5700 грн. “ЛІГА” бігла з усією Україною, щоб маленькі дитячі серця продовжували битися.

Всі гроші, зібрані в рамках Пробігу, йдуть на купівлю медичного обладнання та витратних матеріалів для Центру дитячої кардіології та кардіохірургії МОЗ України. Завдяки учасникам «Пробігу під каштанами» з 2002 року для порятунку життів маленьких пацієнтів Кардіоцентру було зібрано понад півмільйона доларів. Найменшому учаснику 26-го Пробігу виповнилося всього 5 тижнів, а найстаршому – 83 роки.