Discussion to help Boryslav

The event was conducted with the participation of co-founders of LLC Lamor Ukraine, Bruno Lete and Mykhailo Bondarenko; Deputy Director of LLC Lamor Ukraine, Nazar Burban; R&D Manager of Lamor Corporation AB, Markus Nystedt; Deputy Head of the Diplomatic Mission of Finland to Ukraine, Maria Agren; Mayor of Boryslav, Igor Yavorsky; People`s Deputy of Ukraine, Oleh Bereziuk; Member of the Executive Board, Executive Vice President for Upstream, Mavriky Kalugin; Executive Vice-President on Social and Ecological Development of PJSC Ukrnafta, Roman Iltio; Director of Western Business Department, Oleh Malchik; Head of EBA Western Department, Maryana Lutsyshyn; and the members of working group on ecological situation in Boryslav. Participants of the meeting have shared their opinions concerning the environmental situation in the city and the reasons of large-scale pollution. After the discussion, there was a site visit, which enabled the participants to observe oil leaks in the area, adjacent to the apartment №12, Chornovola street, and to see with their own eyes the negative effect of continuous oil production in Boryslav.

Trilateral Memorandum of Cooperation will be signed between the City Council of Boryslav, LLC Lamor Ukraine and PJSC Ukrnafta. Based on this document, the parties will further enter into an agreement on the conduct of works for the comprehensive assessment of environmental situation in the territory of Boryslav with recommendations and proposals concerning the organizational, ecological, industrial and technical, social measures, aimed at the reduction of industrial load and social tension, potential improvement of sanitary conditions of the inhabited area and finally, at the maintenance of sustainable development in the city.