LIGA Group took part in the Sports and Charity Event “Chestnut Run” for the fourth time

On the day of the celebration of the Day of Kyiv, May 26, the largest sports and charity event of Ukraine “Chestnut Run” took place.

“Chestnut Run” is another symbol of the association of Ukrainians for the common higher purpose. Life is the most precious treasure for which we have to co-operate and fight together! We believe that our contribution is a chance to save more than one little heart and fate of many Ukrainians, for which we “Build a country of our dream”!

Start of the Run and entertainment part took place on the Independence Square. According to preliminary data, more than 18 thousand participants, as well as a record number of corporate teams, that is more than 500, including a large team of LIGA Group, gathered in the centre of the capital city. This year there were five times more people than in the previous one. The total charitable contribution from the Companies that are part of  LIGA Group was UAH 29,600.

This event is the annual teambuilding of LIGA Group, which develops team spirit, motivates and unites all 13 companies into a single whole. More than 130 employees of LIGA Group overcame 5,000 meters of the distance through the central streets of Kyiv. The winner among our employees was the Head of ADLOVE Advertising Agency, which is part of Ligamedia media holding, Oleksii Kolomiiets, who passed 5 km for 21:56 minutes and was the first person to reach our tent.

The basis of our future is first of all a healthy nation. The shining eyes of children and the smiling faces of adults is our stimulus and a dream that inspires every employee and company of LIGA Group to move forward.