Results of “Ukrainian Davos”: Vision of the Future on Ukrainian ID


World experts presented the vision of the future of Ukraine on Ukrainian ID. More than 300 thought leaders, politicians, diplomats and public figures were invited to the Forum. Among the invited guests was the CEO of LIGA GROUP — Dmytro Bondarenko. The experts say: “Only the Revolution of values can save the future of humanity”.


Law Firm “Juscutum” Won the Nomination “Law Firm of the Year on Business Protection”


According to the results of “Legal Awards 2019”, Law Firm “Juscutum” is recognized as the best Law Company on business protection.


LIGA.Tech conquered journalistic prize PRESSZVANIE-2019


Only in October last year the portal LIGA.net launched a new section LIGA.Tech, and already today half of the team receives prestigious awards in the journalistic prize.


LIGA Group took part in the Sports and Charity Event “Chestnut Run” for the fourth time


During the celebration of the Day of Kyiv, the largest sports and charity event of Ukraine “Chestnut Run” took place. More than 130 employees of LIGA Group overcame 5,000 meters of the distance through the central streets of Kyiv.


Vyshyvanka Day – more than 1000 employees in vyshyvanka


World Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May. Millions of Ukrainians around the world are united in a single idea and show that they have their own identity and national code. This day is worth remembering your national and civic stances, cultural enlightenment and spiritual consciousness. Traditionally, on this day GC […]


LIGA GROUP invested in KyivExpoPlaza exhibition centre


LIGA Group became the investor of the first in Ukraine innovative complex with expanded exhibition opportunities — KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Centre.


LIGA:ZAKON and Juscutum Announced the Launch of the First in Ukraine Chatbot Reportax


Reportax is the first chatbot in Ukraine which helps entrepreneurs with taxes.


The ICF Took the Third Place in “All-Ukrainian Charity” Nomination at the National Contest “Charitable Ukraine”.


Let’s Help International Charitable Foundation received the new award presented by the First Lady of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko. The team proved once again how important nowadays the charity is.


Serhii Bondarenko “Soon we will find ourselves in a new reality”


Interview with the President of LIGA GROUP and the Founder of Semantrum on how artificial intelligence will change our lives when digital copies of ourselves appear.


LIGA GROUP took part in IMPULSE job fair


On March 19 and 20, 2019, a large Job Fair Impulse took place in Kyiv. About 60 companies of various business sectors were represented at the fair. Among them there was LIGA GROUP, and the main partner of the Fair was AROMA KAVA.


LIGA.net launched the project together with ICF Let’s Help


Now the texts on LIGA.net in “Thoughts” section will not only help millions of Ukrainians understand what is happening in the country, but will also provide thousands of fellow citizens with tangible assistance. The Bondarenko's family agreed to sponsor “Not Empty Words” project, where each like/share/comment will be converted to 1 UAH. This money will be transferred to Let’s Help Charitable Foundation.


A number of Ukrainian Media and Public Organisations have signed a memorandum on the Objective Coverage of the Elections


A number of Ukrainian media and media public organizations have signed a memorandum on the creation of “Media for Conscious Choice” movement, which in particular provides the objective coverage of the presidential and parliamentary elections in the country. Among the stated participants and signers of the memorandum there is Ligamedia CEO Dmytro Bondarenko.


“Lisapednyi Battalion” singing for retirees of Kyiv


Within the framework of The Worthy Age Program, a big charity concert for retirees of Kyiv and the elderly people took place. The concert was organised by "Let’s Help" International Charitable Foundation.


“HeadHunter Ukraine” named LIGA:ZAKON one of the best IT employers.


The organizers of Rating of Employers of Ukraine within three waves of polls studied the opinion of respondents in order to determine what the job seekers appreciate in the employer, what they pay attention to while choosing the company, and which employer is the most popular on the labour market.


Liga.net plans to make its content payable


In his article, the CEO of LIGA GROUP and Ligamedia Dmytro Bondarenko outlined the main areas of development of Liga.net. The company intends to be one of the first to conduct large-scale transformations in order to introduce PayWall.


Borys Davydenko headed the editorial office of LIGA.net


Borys Davydenko, a former Chief Editor of VoxUkraine, became the new Chief Editor of LIGA.net portal. Before, Oleh Ivantsov occupied the position of Chief Editor of LIGA.net. He had been creating the best business media in Ukraine for 7.5 years.


The fund beyond money


The interview of Olha Bondarenko from Let’s Help Fund about how not to throw a pity party, how to fight with time eaters and to love the volunteers


LIGA GROUP invests in non-governmental pension fund


LIGA Group expands the list of business directions. In August 2018, LIGA Pension acquired 100% ownership of Mutual Aid, the open non-governmental pension fund, which is one of the first Ukrainian funds.


The mission is to Heal. How business affects the crisis of Confidence in Society


Dmytro Bondarenko, the CEO of LIGA GROUP, took part in “Conductors of Changes” Forum. This year, the discussion panel raised economic issues related to the reforms in Ukraine, the state of infrastructure, the changing business climate and the impact of employees’ happiness on performance indicators of the company.


Style of Artem Afian


The co-founder and managing partner of the Law Firm “Juscutum” became the hero of the special project of Vector publication. An interesting conversation about style in the loose meaning of the word: management style, lifestyle and clothing style.


How a bot for registration of trademarks appeared in Ukraine


PatentBot, invented by Ukrainian lawyers and programmers, allows using the chatbot in messenger to register a trademark or file a copyright.


It is necessary to change the attitude towards retirees from a young age


Olha Bondarenko, the Head of Let’s Help Charitable Foundation, became the heroine of “The Indifferent” L’Officiel project.


UKRAINIAN ID, the First International Economic and Humanitarian Forum, Took Place in Kaniv


“Plan for tomorrow: the strategy of a successful country” — this is the motto of the Ukrainian “Davos” this year. The discussion was held within five thematic panels: Economy, Society, Technology, Culture and Humanitarian Security. One of the invited experts of the forum was the Director General of LIGA GROUP Dmytro Bondarenko.


Olha Bondarenko’s Column “What to Talk About with Grandparents”


The Head of Let’s Help Charitable Foundation and “Worthy Old Age” project Olha Bondarenko told about her own experience and the main topics for conversations with the elderly. “The fact that the grandmothers and grandfathers are at homes for the elderly causes pain. Often they do not have grandchildren and relatives, no one will say thanks to them”.


Discussion to help Boryslav


On Tuesday, the 11th of December, 2018, the panel discussion was held in Boryslav, dedicated to the resolving, with the involvement of international experience and technologies, environmental problems, caused by long-lasting oil production in Boryslav.


Lamor Ukraine integrates the innovative system


Lamor Ukraine integrates the innovative system for the monitoring of pipelines and other linear facilities, using a standard fibre optic cable.


PR-talks from Semantrum


On Thursday, July 26, PR specialists from Kyiv and not only gathered at PR-talks to discuss criteria for measuring the effectiveness of PR campaigns and KPI specialists.


Employees from different companies of the GK fled “for the sake of little hearts


June, 3rd in the center of Kiev passed the 26th "Run under the chestnuts" - the largest sports and charity campaign of the country.


Cooperation of the Liga Group with Bosch Ukraine


About the signing of the Memorandum on cooperation and exchange of T-shirts during the run


History of Aroma Kava: How to open 200 coffee shops in 4.5 years


Few years ago AROMA KAVA brand was unfamiliar to coffee lovers. Now this network is Ukrainian analogue of Starbucks - AROMA KAVA coffee shops can be found almost at every corner of the capital and in more than 20 cities of Ukraine. How does the network work? What does


LIGA:ZAKON one of the best employers in the IT industry


Headhunter Ukraine called LIGA:ZAKON one of the best employers in the IT industry


Column by Dmitri Bondarenko:


Steps beyond the horizon.How will Liga.net evolve


Juscutum entered into the TOP-30 best law firms in Ukraine


In 2018 Juscutum entered into the TOP-30 best law firms in Ukraine, and also became№1 in IT and№5 in protecting business.


Journalists of LIGA.net became heroes of an advertising campaign


The LIGA.net portal is restarted with a new design and starts a large-scale advertising campaign. The heroes of the advertising campaign - the editorial staff - spoke about the key values that unite all the products of the media holding Ligamedia


Interview with Dmitry Bondarenko and Oleg Ivantsov


How Liga.net restarted the portal and why it carried out an advertising campaign, what market realities have to be taken into account now and how how plans Liga.net to influence the market in the future.


Author column by Dmitry Bondarenko for L’HOMME


Self-development is the most effective application of effort and resources. The owner of a business and a representative of top management must understand that they need to develop not only themselves, but also their team.


Interview with Marina Bondarenko


Co-founder of the LІGA Group of Companies and a well-known manufacturer of information and legal systems LІGA:ZAKON told how the family business was born and how many IT products and services are now turning into an ecosystem for professionals - lawyers, accountants and


Interview with Dmitriy Bondarenko


Dmitry Bondarenko from the LIGA group of companies on family business, education and the monkey on the cross


Interview with Artem Afyan


Artem Afyan, Juscutum: “Technologization makes legal services more convenient and more accessible. And this jackpot "


LIGA.net leads the journalistic standards compliance rating


LIGA.net - the first among online media in the ranking of compliance with standards of journalism in the first three quarters, noted in the Institute of Mass Media