PR-talks from Semantrum

On Thursday, July 26, PR specialists from Kyiv and not only gathered at PR-talks to discuss criteria for measuring the effectiveness of PR campaigns and KPI specialists.
The event was organized by Semantrum and the intellectual space mOre, with the support of the Ukrainian Association of Public Relations.
Nadya Pereviznyk, an independent consultant who was as moderator in the west, began the discussion with Bill Gates’s famous quote “If I had the last dollar, I would have spent it on PR.”

Sergey Bondarenko, President of the Group of Companies “LIGA” and the founder of the service Semantrum, made a welcoming speech in which he noted:
“The PR – it’s like a construction from thousands, and even from millions of interconnected communications that floats in the universe. This structure, each element of which is the bearer of information and the attitude of the audience to this information, can and must be measured. And, measuring the effectiveness of PR campaigns, you see how you influence people. We are not PR specialists, we are specialists in machine learning, artificial intelligence, information processing systems; we are ready to use all our knowledge to help you as a PR specialists, in solving the appropriate tasks.”

At the same time, the head of the Ukrainian Association for Public Relations (UAPR) Oksana Rudiuk called on colleagues to share the recipes: how to measure themselves, become more effective and useful, skillfully defend their role and position in the company. “At the recent meeting with the PR guru Paul Holmes the PR community has realized what an important and sensitive topic is the evaluation of PR effectiveness. We all have to prove to our bosses the importance of our work for the company. This is an eternal discussion within companies in the struggle for budgets and the impact on society. Especially between PR and marketing “, – she marked the problematic moments of the work of PR-specialists.

All PR-specialists noted that they consider it fundamental in their work to measure the effectiveness of PR-campaigns through the monitoring of the information field – this is the main tool. Monitoring can be daily and weekly, and most importantly – it must be properly analyzed and correctly interpreted. In this regard, Sergey Bondarenko, the founder of Semantrum, the tool for PR-specialists, offered PR-TALKS members to mark new, additional metrics that might be useful to them.