The LIGA Group operates as a systemically responsible business, which not only provides high financial results but also takes into account the interests of the society, by assuming responsibility for the influence that affects each Group Company in all areas of public life and the environment.

At the LIGA Group we build our work in the corporate social responsibility system in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine and the recognized principles of the UN Global Compact by continuously contributing to the achievement and promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

At the LIGA GROUP we comply with the principles of social responsibility, which helps us not only to develop and create a sustainable and successful business but also to support the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are aimed at sustainable development of the world.

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been making a significant contribution to the social and economic development of Ukraine. Sustainable development of the Ukrainian society is an integral part of the strategy of the LIGA Group. Everything in our activity is based on the desire to create additional values and benefits.

The 27-year history of theLIGA GROUP is an almost unique experience for business development in Ukraine based on the principles of responsibility, reliability, and consideration of the interests of the state and the society.

Through the daily work of each employee, the LIGA GROUP BUILDING THE DREAMLAND, in which all of us would like to live and which can be passed on to our children with joy and pride. We want to raise the standard of corporate responsibility and to stimulate and inspire other businesses, partners, and society through our own example and activity.