LIGA Group is a sustainable, systematic business that not only provides high financial profit, but also takes account of interests of the state, partners, customers, employees, communities, and more. We want to manage our companies for the benefit of all stakeholders. We define social and environmental responsibility as one of our top priorities.

Yes, we are aware of the importance of the results of our work for the counrie’s economy and Ukrainian society in whole. So our practice of corporate social responsibility is our contribution to sustainable development of Ukraine.

The corporate social responsibility practice of LIGA Group is built in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation, the principles of the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals, defined by the world leaders for the period up to 2030, and takes into account the recommendations and international standards in this field.

LIGA Group is a member of CSR Development Center, the leading independent expert organization on corporate social responsibility. Together with other Ukrainian companies we promote the principles of responsible business. Moreover, in 2019 LIGA Group received the main and most prestigious corporate social responsibility award at the 10th National Case Contest in the nomination “Business Changing Country”.

We focuse on six priority area where companies can maximize their value.

The 30-year history of the LIGA GROUP is an almost unique experience for business development in Ukraine based on the principles of responsibility, reliability, and consideration of the interests of the state and the society.

Through the daily work of each employee, the LIGA GROUP BUILDING THE DREAMLAND, in which all of us would like to live and which can be passed on to our children with joy and pride. We want to raise the standard of corporate responsibility and to stimulate and inspire other businesses, partners, and society through our own example and activity.