Vyshyvanka Day – more than 1000 employees in vyshyvanka

World Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May. Millions of Ukrainians around the world are united in a single idea and show that they have their own identity and national code. This day is worth remembering your national and civic stances, cultural enlightenment and spiritual consciousness.

Traditionally, on this day GC LIGA encourages all those who are interested to come to work in the most famous element of Ukrainian national clothes — vyshyvanka. Each year, more and more employees of the company collectively celebrate this wonderful, traditional holiday.

Vyshyvanka for Ukrainians is a powerful symbol of soul, beauty, love and well-being in the family, and Vyshyvanka Day symbolizes national unity. This is a special symbol of our Ukrainian soul, because in every ornament there are traces of the history of our country and people.